Friday, November 6, 2009

Do You Know Who Is a True Jew?

If you got an open mind then I have got news for you!
According to Jewish, Christian and Muslim documents true Jews do not exist!
Do you know what are they? Are they following some cults other than Judaism?

When Moses went to free the Jews from the Pharaohs captivity, he was scared of Egyptian magic (similar to US high tech?). God said to Moses, “don’t be afraid, throw your stick and witness your God’s power”. ……… .

Moses convinced the Pharaoh and freed his people!
Moses parted the Arabian Sea and freed the Jews from slavery.
Then Moses went to speak to God and thank him for saving his people.
God said to Moses, “do you know what are your people doing”?
Moses said, “they are praying for you”.
God said, “go and find out”.
Moses went to his people and found, only his brother Aaron and a couple of people were following him and the rest of them were drinking, gambling, fornicating, praying to golden sheaf, ….
Now, please tell me who is a real Jew?
I say so despite the fact that I am willing to respect all religion and tolerant to all cultural sensitivities.


rabbiforpalestine said...

I love to see a valid and dissenting comment!

bonmali said...

I don't know any one!
All of them are dead.
The imposers of Israel are not Jews.

rabbiforpalestine said...

Israelis and Israeli supporters’ total inability to debate and discuss these three issues alone give us a crystal clear picture i.e.
1. They are wrong
2. They are defending the indefensible.
3. Their arguments are based on false and fictitious gourds.

The Israelis and their supporters have been fighting tooth and nail to remove these questions and it is another example of blatant Israeli crime spree! They know they are wrong and they are covering them up!