Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kisan the Fatherless One

Kisan the Fatherless One,

What is your problem? Is it your inability to burn women alive as you used enjoy it openly up until 1896 prior to make such barbaric practice illegal? Or your inability to behead Catholics?! Or your burning desire to kill non-Jewish women when raped by a good Jewish man?!!

Please try to find out your father if you can and answer me please.

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Re: 15yr old girl talks about being wired up as bomber to kill for Islamic Jihad

Same old Islamic tactics to justify the un-justifiable:

What about some other stuff that doesn't compare.

See your jihadi heros even drugged the young girl.

Memri only translated it bevakoof.

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Ah, Memri TV.........of course we can trust that.

By the way, how old again are the children used by the Hindus in Sri Lanka as soldiers.

I think they are even 12 years old, isn't it Kisan ?

Abu Hurairah and Ka'b Bin Malik (Allah be pleased with them) reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "The parable of a believer is that of a fresh and moist plant; the wind tilts it this way and that way; and so is the believer; he continues to be subject to affliction. And the parable of a hypocrite is that of a firm cedar tree; it does not shake, until it is uprooted all at once."
(Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

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Married against her will at 14 to Jihadis, drugged, wired up and sent to kill innocents for Allah.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lucky Country

Lucky Country

Australia is a lucky country. God gave us plenty. Natural and mineral resources are bountiful. Australia is an island continent with a population of a town only! We are rich. No one does anything wrong here. No one even farts! That's why we do not have a "Fart Tax" like New Zealand.

You see, family violence, bag snatching, drunken and disorderly behaviors come from Aboriginals. Asian migrants and other boat peoples imported many crimes like bank robbery, mass murder, prostitutions, etc. Crimes like drug running and gang rapes of our women introduced by the Lebanese gangs and specifically Muslim Lebanese gangs!

Ned Kelly, Alan Bond, Christopher Skase, Laurie Connell, Neville W, Abe Saffron, and his deputy James Anderson, Lennie McPherson (even Elle??) Roger Rogerson, Jo Bjelke Petersen, Mad Dog Cox, etc. etc. were not Aboriginals!

The colorful Kings X identity Billy Bayer, convicted drug dealer Michael Kenan, executed drug dealer Denny Keram were not Lebanese Muslims!!

The Stratified Plaza massacre villain John Wade Frankham, Port Arthur massacre villain Martin Bryant, Ivan Millat and many more personalities are also not Asians.

Even convicted "Israelites" like Renai Revkin, Jodie Rich, Rodney Adler, Ray Williams, Steve Vizard, …. And waiting to be convicted Reg Kermode, Graham Richardson … are neither Muslims nor Asians!!!

Anita Cobby, Jenin Boldings, etc. etc villains are also not Lebanese Muslims! Do I have to add more? I can add more. But, for now, I am leaving it for you.

By the way, does this Andrew Fraser got any qualification on Anatomy, Physiology, Neurology, Genealogy or any other subject that makes him qualified to talk about subjects he is talking to and thereby incite racism?

However, I am qualified enough to say the following;
1.Attack and abuse on taxi drivers and other vulnerable goes up when likes of
Andrew Fraser pops up,
2. Attack and abuse on workers goes up when likes of Rivken and Kermodes of the world introduce their new blood sucking ventures.

You see, last night one mid twenty's female fare evading passenger of mine told me;
1."I am white and born in Australia, you are not and therefore I am better than you,
2. I can speak better English than you, …. ."She also threatened to call the police. Unfortunately, when I drove her almost near the Police Station she disappeared in the traffic.