Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Zionist Dance With Maghdi Alam (the Coptic?)

Zionist Dance With Maghdi Alam (the Coptic?)

The verdict is very clear and decisive!

The Jews are the most vicious and treacherous people.
Judaism is the most racist and fascist religion.

Therefore considering the above including the past and present records, I believe, "The Jews must volunteer themselves to the nearest gas chamber as it is long overdue".
Most importantly I would like to know, why the hell Jews support Salman Rushdie, Ershad Manji, Ayaan Hirshi Ali, and Norma Khouri? Now they have invented this Maghdi!

Everybody knows,
Zionism is worse than Nazism and The Sacred Cow exposes Nazi Zionist hypocrisy. They are running out of space to hide their own lies and bigotry! Peoples are waking up to Nazi Zionist lies. They won’t be able to hide them under the false shield of “anti-Semitism”.

By the way, no on cares about ugly Jews and their vicious Judaism!! Yet, the ungrateful Jews are deliberately creating false stories and propagandas against Muslims and Arabs on a daily basis. It is interesting to observe the fact that the ungrateful Jews are dancing up and down for Maghdi!

Hypothetically speaking, if he is a Muslim and converts to Christianity then how the hell Jews gain any benefit? Why is it such a big joy for the Jews? He has not converted to Judaism and mathematically speaking 99.99% (beside suspect Jews and commercial Jews) of this world reject Judaism in the first place! Therefore, how the hell Jews can compete with Muslim theology in reality and on the basis of popularity alone beside track records of glaring Muslim morality?

Muslim, Italian and Zionist and Is Tariq Ramadan Lying [about Magdi Allam]? justify Gas Chamber Is Inevitable! Should anyone wishes to contribute any message and have a taste of ‘Zionist free speech’ then please visit Is Tariq Ramadan Lying [about Magdi Allam]?

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